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March 2013:  In this issue read about the threats to seagrass ecosystems from human activities: the impacts and the challenges in finding manageable solutions. Articles include: risk mapping, dredging, boating, agricultural runoff, ports & shipping, trawling, coastal development, invasive species, urban/industrial runoff, restoration........ more

08 Dec 14: UVI Researchers Seek Help to Stop Invading Seagrasses ........... more

06 Dec 14: Turtles Betty and Barney released in Qld ........... more

26 Nov 14: Vietnam to host first Dugong Festival on Phu Quoc Island ........... more

08-10 Dec: Broome (Aus)....... more

05-06 Dec: Hervey Bay (Aus)....... more

07-10 Dec: Sanya, Chin....... more


Seagrass-Watch is the largest scientific, non-destructive, seagrass assessment and monitoring program in the world. Since it's genesis in 1998 in Australia, Seagrass-Watch has now expanded internationally to 26 countries.  Monitoring is now occurring at approximately 259 sites across 17 countries and an additional 9 countries participate but are currently at resource identification stage.

Seagrass-Watch aims to raise awareness on the condition and trend of nearshore seagrass ecosystems and provide an early warning of major coastal environment changes.  Seagrass-Watch monitoring efforts are vital to assist with tracking global patterns in seagrass health, and assess the human impacts which have the potential to destroy or degrade these coastal ecosystems and decrease their yield of natural resources. Responsive management based on adequate information will help to prevent any further significant areas and species being lost. To protect the valuable seagrass meadows along our coasts, everyone must work together.


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