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Seagrass-Watch Team



The Seagrass-Watch team are a dedicated group of scientists, technicians and assistants. The role of the team is to develop scientifically rigorous protocols/strategies for seagrass resource assessment, conduct monitoring, provide training, manage/validate/interpret data, feedback program results, produce scientific documents/papers, coordinate communities and scientists, facilitate the establishment of networks and to continue the development and expansion of the program.   For more information on the team click here.

Program Leader: Len McKenzie (Principal Researcher )

Louise Johns (Senior Scientist)

Richard Unsworth (Research Officer at SEACAMS)

Data Management:

Rudi Yoshida (Research Officer)

Technical Assistance:

Naomi Smith (Research Officer)

Lucas Langolis (Research Officer)

Collaborative Scientists:

Catherine Collier  (Research Scientist, JCU, Cairns Campus)

Professor Michelle Waycott (Professor Plant Systematics, The University of Adelaide)

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Seagrass-Watch Local Point of Contacts


The main contact in each region is a Seagrass-Watch Local Coordinator who is a link in the information and data chain between local communities and Seagrass-Watch HQ. The Seagrass-Watch Local Coordinator is chosen by a group of volunteers, to act as their representative.

The role of the Local Coordinator is:

  • To be the main point of contact between the volunteer group and Seagrass-Watch HQ;
  • To ensure volunteers are suitably trained by Seagrass-Watch scientists;
  • To organise the monitoring timetables and advise volunteers when monitoring is due;
  • To ensure all Seagrass-Watch program activities in the represented region, are completed in a safe and professional manner;
  • To ensure monitoring kits are maintained and audited on a regular basis;
  • To submit original data and photographs to Seagrass-Watch HQ;
  • To ensure the volunteer group has adequate insurance cover;
  • To play a lead role in applications for funding for the group represented, in consultation with Seagrass-Watch HQ;
  • To disseminate information from Seagrass-Watch HQ on the status of monitoring and seagrass resources in the region.

PLEASE NOTE: The Seagrass-Watch Local Coordinator is a volunteer position. 

The Local coordinator is not empowered to interpret the data on behalf of Seagrass-Watch. All data interpretation should be validated and reviewed by Seagrass-Watch HQ. This ensures that the interpretation of data is consistent, unbiased and of scientific merit. This also protects the Seagrass-Watch Local Coordinator from litigation should the information be of a sensitive or controversial nature.


Seagrass-Watch Groups: Locations and Contacts


To contact Local/site -coordinators in each region or location, please email Seagrass-Watch

Community Environment Network Please contact Seagrass-Watch


BOWEN Please contact Seagrass-Watch
CAIRNS Len McKenzie (Seagrass-Watch)
CAPE YORK Louise Johns (Seagrass-Watch)
COOKTOWN Please contact Seagrass-Watch
GLADSTONE Lucas Langlois (Seagrass-Watch)
GOLD COAST Daniela Wilken-Jones (Queensland Parks and Wildlife)
GOOLD ISLAND (Cardwell) Louise Johns (Seagrass-Watch)
GREAT SANDY STRAIT Maree Prior (Cooloola Coastcare Assoc Projects Coordinator) local coordinator
Tin Can Bay, Pelican Bay & Kauri Creek (Site coordinator) Lyn McPherson
Tinnanbar (site coordinator) Please contact Seagrass-Watch
Dundowran Greg Lynch (site coordinator)
Urangan Len McKenzie (Seagrass-Watch)
Burrum Heads Len McKenzie (Seagrass-Watch)
LOW ISLES Lucas Langlois (Seagrass-Watch)
MACKAY Len McKenzie (Seagrass-Watch)
MAPOON Louise Johns (Seagrass-Watch)
MISSION BEACH Len McKenzie (Seagrass-Watch)
Dunk Island (DI3 site coordinator) Lucas Langlois (Seagrass-Watch)
MORETON BAY Please contact Seagrass-Watch
NAPRANUM Louise Johns (Seagrass-Watch)
NOOSA Leanne Talbot (NICA (Noosa Integrated Catchment Association Inc)
SHOALWATER BAY Lucas Langlois/Jasmina Uusitalo (Seagrass-Watch)
Shelly Beach site coordinator (SB1 & SB2) Lucas Langlois/Jasmina Uusitalo (Seagrass-Watch)
Bowling Green Bay (JR1 & JR2) Lucas Langlois/Jasmina Uusitalo (Seagrass-Watch)
Bushland Beach site coordinator (BB1) Lucas Langlois/Jasmina Uusitalo (Seagrass-Watch)
Magnetic Island site coordinator (MI1 & MI2) Lucas Langlois/Jasmina Uusitalo (Seagrass-Watch)
Magnetic Island site coordinator ( MI3) Lucas Langlois (Seagrass-Watch)
WHITSUNDAY Jacquie Sheils, Whitsunday Volunteers (local coordinator)
Midge Point site coordinator (MP2 & MP3) Len McKenzie (Seagrass-Watch)
Whitehaven Beach site coordinator (WB1, WB2, WB3) Tony Fontes (Order of Underwater Coral Heroes)
ROEBUCK BAY Fiona West (West Kimberley Nature Project)
CORNER INLET Rebecca Koss (School of Ecology and Environment - Deakin University)
INTERNATIONAL To contact Local/site -coordinators in each region or location, please email Seagrass-Watch HQ
BANGLADESH Mowdudur Rahman Director (Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation)


St. Croix (US Virgin Islands) Dawn Cowie (The Nature Conservancy)
Hepu County Professor Xioping Huang (South China Sea Institute of Oceanology)
ERITREA Yossef Hiabu
KOSRAE Maxwell Salik (Department of Fisheries)
POHNPEI Conservation Society of Pohnpei
CAWACI Please contact Seagrass-Watch
SUVA Please contact Seagrass-Watch
GAU Lesley Brown / Joeli Veitayaki (Frontier-Fiji)
CORAL COAST Please contact Seagrass-Watch
LAU Group Monifa Fiu (Ms) (WWF Fiji Country Programme)
ROTUMA Monifa Fiu (Ms) (LajeRotuma)
GULF OF MANNAR K.R. Saravanan (Regional Ecology and Environmental Federation)
LAKSHADWEEP ISLANDS Prabhakaran, M.P. (National Institute of Oceanography)
BALI Stuart Campbell (WCS)
KOMODO Please contact Seagrass-Watch
KURIMUNJAWA Stuart Campbell (WCS)
MANADO Billy Wagey (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Sam Ratulangi University).
OKINAWA Masahito Yoshida (Edogawa University)
SABAH Dewi Masayu Sugindi (Maktab Sabah, Kota Kinabalu)
JOHOR Please contact Seagrass-Watch
MALDIVES, Republic of We are currently looking for a local coordinator for this location. Please contact Seagrass-Watch HQ if you would like more information.
KOROR David Idip (Palau International Coral Reef Center)
MADANG Please contact Seagrass-Watch
PORT MORESBY(Motupore Island) Please contact Seagrass-Watch
PUERTO GALERA Rochelle Balitaan (Puerto Galera)
PALAWAN(Roxas) Bella Sheila L. Albasin (WWF Philippines)
SINGAPORE Siti Maryam Yaakub (Team Seagrass)
GIZO (WESTERN PROVINCE) Bruno Manele (WWF Solomon Islands)
TETEPARE ISLAND Katherine Moseby (Tetepare Descendants Association)
BARCELONA Pere Renom (Departament d'Ecologia, Universitat de Barcelona)
TRANG Chatcharee Supanwanid (Kasetsart University, Bangkok)
SONGKHLA (southern Thailand) Dr Anchana Prathep (Seaweed and seagrass Reserach Unit)
PHANG NGA Monica Aureggi (Naucrates - Onlus)
VIETNAM Please contact Seagrass-Watch
CARDIFF Leanne Cullen-Unsworth (Project Seagrass)




    • James Cook University
    • Marine Science Institute (University of the Philippines)
    • Marine Group (University Malaysia Sabah)
    • Palau International Coral Reef Center

    • WWF South Pacific Programme (PNG, Solomon Islands & Fiji)
    • The Nature Conservancy (Komodo, Indonesia)
    • Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia (Karimunjawa)
    • Ailan Awareness (PNG)
    • Queensland Dept Primary Industries & Fisheries
    • Kosrae Marine Resources Division (FSM)
    • Komodo Marine Parks
    • Queensland Parks & Wildlife
    • Belgian Gardens State School(Queensland)
    • Fraser Coast Anglican College (Queensland)
    • Yarrilee Primary School (Queensland)
    • Urangan State High School (Queensland)
    • Cooktown High School (Queensland)
    • Far North Institute of TA.F.E. (Queensland)
    • Kosrae Elementary School (FSM)
    • Puerto Galera Academy (Philippines)
    • Mongop High School (Kavieng, PNG)
    • International Secondary School (Fiji)



Seagrass-Watch Groups and Funding

Each of the groups which participate in Seagrass-Watch are either incorporated or are under a local or state government organisation which covers liability insurance. For example, the QPWS Volunteer Rangers in the Whitsunday’s are covered under QPWS, Townsville-Thuringowa Seagrass-Watch is covered under the Conservation Volunteers, HBDSMP are covered under the Hervey Bay City Council and schools are covered by the Education Department.

The amount of funding required by a group to participate is dependent on several factors, and groups should evaluate their needs. Most of these needs are identified when designing the monitoring strategy, and may include a kit of equipment necessary for monitoring, funds to cover travel (eg. boat fuel) and funds to provide on-ground scientific support (this is currently limited).

Regular visits by Seagrass-Watch HQ or other scientists can be expensive and groups should consider mechanisms for autonomy without compromising data quality and data assurance. Scientific support is required for interpretation of the data and Seagrass-Watch HQ can provide regular feedback on the trends in seagrass meadow status and condition. Seagrass-Watch HQ also plays an important role in feeding information to relevant coastal management agencies.

For further information on applying for funding please visit :



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