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McKenzie, L.J., Campbell, S.J. & Roder, C.A. (2003) Seagrass-Watch: Manual for Mapping & Monitoring Seagrass Resources by Community (citizen) volunteers. 2nd Edition. (QFS, NFC, Cairns) 100pp. (7.2mb)

This manual provides detailed information on how to map and monitor seagrass resource status and condition. Several alternative monitoring methods are detailed and the reader should decide which is appropriate to their needs. The manual is divided in chapters, which cover

  • The monitoring process and how to start (Chapter 2 & Chapter 3);
  • How to map the seagrass resource and how to design a monitoring plan (Chapter 4.). Examples of monitoring designs (intertidal fixed transects site, intertidal fixed point site, subtidal fixed single transect, subtidal spots in defined area, depth transects across a meadow) are presented to assist the reader. This section also considers how often to monitor, pre-monitoring preparation and safety issues to consider.
  • Having mapped the seagrass resource and chosen an appropriate design, Chapter 5 then provides step by step methods for monitoring seagrass status from setting up & relocating a monitoring site to the measures within a quadrat;
  • Finally Chapter 6 discusses methods for monitoring seagrass condition & resilience. Methods for monitoring Halodule seed banks is presented and other advanced techniques are discussed.

This manual also contains several appendices including field datasheets, percent cover standards, identification sheets and what to include in a monitoring kit.

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The 3rd Edition of the manual is currently being prepared.

McKenzie, L.J. & Campbell, S.J. (2002) Seagrass-Watch: Manual for Community (citizen) Monitoring of Seagrass Habitat - Western Pacific Edition (QFS, NFC, Cairns) 43pp (4.4mb)

This manual is focused on monitoring seagrass resources in the western Pacific, and is the abridged version of McKenzie et al. (2003).


McKenzie, L.J. (2003) Guidelines for the rapid assessment and mapping of tropical seagrass habitats (QFS, NFC, Cairns) 46pp [3.3Mb]

This manual provides detailed information on how to map and assess seagrass resources in the tropical Indo-Pacific for management.



Other related manuals



Choo, C.K. (2006). SOS Volunteers Handbook. 1st Edition. KUSTEM, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. 23 pp. (1.69mb)

This manual provides detailed information for volunteers participating in the Save Our Seahorses (SOS) program. For more info visit



Community Environment Network (2005). Watching the Seagrass Grow – a guide for community seagrass monitoring in NSW (2nd Ed). The Community Environment Network, Ourimbah. (4.4Mb)

This manual provides detailed information for volunteers participating in Seagrass-Watch in New South Wales (Australia). For more info visit

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