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Cooktown, Qld (Australia): Level 1: 24 - 25 July 2014

It was the first time since March 2009, that a workshop has been run in Cooktown. Participants were from the Yuku-Baja-Muliku and Lama Lama rangers. 

The Level 1 workshop, held on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th, provided training for new participants and a refresher for some long-term participants. Classroom and laboratory sessions were conducted at the excellent facilities, at Yuku-Baja-Muliku Ranger Base

Apart from learning how to monitor and identify the seagrass species in their region, participants also identified the top 5 reasons why seagrass are important and the top 5 threats to seagrass in their region.


Level 1

Yuku-Baja-Muliku Ranger Base

24 - 25 July 2014

Field component

Archer Point

25 July 2014


The day was finished off with the field component which was held at Archer Point,where participants monitored the site at AP1.   Two seagrass species were encountered (Halodule uninervis and Halophila ovalis) on the intertidal meadows at Archer Point. There were plenty of dugong grazing trails across the meadows, evidence of the meadows' importance to local dugong populations. There was also a lot of epiphytes on the HO seagrass blades: although seasonal, it may suggest elevated nutrients in the water column.

Seagrass-Watch HQ would like to thank all those who attended the workshop. The workshop was supported by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, local coordination by Larissa Hale and Seagrass-Watch HQ. We would also like to thank Larissa Hale and her team for the excellent training facilities and support throughout the 2 day training event.


Cape Upstart , Qld (Australia): 25 July 2014

A recently establised Seagrass-Watch site in Upstart Bay was monitored with the help of the Gudjuda rangers. After a muddy and slow slog to get to the site, the enthused rangers assisted the team from Seagrass-Watch HQ to lay out tapes and monitor. The large meadow was dominated by Halodule uninervis and Zostera capricorni, with Halophila ovalis. Halodule uninervis seeds were also found. A big thank you to the rangers for staying motivated after the muddy walk out and hopefully this site will continue to be regularly monitored.


Great Sandy Strait, Qld (Australia):11 - 13 July 2014



Reef Islands

10 July 2014

Pelican Bay

11 July 2014



12 July 2014



13 July 2014



Townsville, Qld (Australia):10 - 12 July 2014



Bushland Beach

10 July 2014

Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island

11 July 2014


Cockle Bay, Magnetic Island

11 July 2014


Shelley Beach

12 July 2014



Fiji, 09 - 17 July 2014




09 July 2014


13 July 2014



14 July 2014



17 July 2014


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